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Development milestone of Chancheng Foshan Eagle Toys Co., ltd.:
1998, Foshan Chancheng Eagle Toys Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Eagle ho toys"), the same year developed and launched "Eagle Hao" remote control stunt toy car and Eagle Hao brand children's electric vehicles.
In 2000, we began to cooperate with foreign trade companies, such as Guangzhou overseas Chinese, Ou Sheng, and so on, and reached a long-term cooperative relationship.
In 2003, we began to cooperate with Guangzhou out of the foreign trade group and reached a long-term cooperative relationship.
In early 2004, Eagle Hao toys developed the remote control of children's battery vehicles for the first time, and purchased 6 professional production lines.
In 2005, Eagle Howe toys developed and sold the "Eagle" brand baby walker and baby walker.
At the beginning of 2006, the eagle mansion office was completed.
In 2007, Eagle toys and Ashley group baby to grace for the production of brand gifts; the same year, and Guangzhou Rui Culture Communication Co. Ltd. jointly launched the Altman series of children's electric vehicle.
In 2008, Eagle toys began to work with LOKO TOYS, one of Spain's biggest toys, to produce LOKO brand electric cars for children all over the world, selling the European market. In the same year, we developed and sold "Eagle" brand baby toilet.
In 2009, due to the global financial turmoil, Eagle Hao toys quickly moved to the domestic market, and signed cooperation agreements with more than 200 dealers, sales outlets covering most of the second tier cities in the country.
In 2010, Eagle Hao toys, with National Product Ltd NPL in Hongkong, produced children's electric cars and sold all over the world. The same year, for the first time through the European ICTI and the United States GSV on-site testing verification.
In 2011, Eagle Hao toys and local children's Chilean toy brand My Baby Ltd cooperation, the production of My Baby brand children's electric cars, sold to Latin America market.